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Pinot Grigio ‘Sommelier’!

Hello again, this is your regular fix of Sara Jane’s wine blag, I mean blog.
For todays wine I want you to take you back to 1996, imagine you are in Venice, Italy and it is a hot summer’s day and you are sipping a beautiful, tropical flavoured dry, white wine (while wearing sunglasses and looking cool). Ok 3,2,1 you are back in your living room and it’s freezing cold but for a minute there…
Yes, today I am talking about my 90’s favourite Pinot Grigio.
I don’t do white wine in the winter and as a vegetarian I can drink whatever coloured wine I want with any meal BUT on crappy cold days we sometimes need to see the light – we need summer memories!
So (as always) this was on special in Marks and Sparks reduced from £9.99 to a much better priced £7.50.
Anyway again, ever honest, I can find Pinot Grigio a bit bland. But this is a far tastier one.
So notes; nice bottle – it says ‘Sommelier edition ‘ so that’s posh.
The colour is a good lemony colour, its not too watery or too cats piss looking (although as an aroma apparently this can be good)
The taste was really good, as a red wine drinker, what I do like about a white is there is rarely a bitter after taste and this definitely had no bitter tones, it tasted like I said like a fruity summer wine which you have on your holidays. There were hints of oranges and lemons and it wasn’t too heavy, which a Chardonnay can sometimes be. Nor was it dry and tasteless like a sauvignon blanc can be. But as I say this was better than your average and I honestly do think that was because it was discounted.
Fun fact! The pinot grigio grape is actually a red grape, this grape is not as colourful hence its used for white wine. That may be why I like it so much, that and the fact my mum likes it, but then she likes everyone!
Going back to Venice, although this wine is not from Italy, many Pinot Grigios are. It was a popular white wine drink when I was young and living in Northern Italy (as it comes from there) and so is quite effective for me. But yes, especially for all those trying to eat healthily i.e lots of veg and fish this would make a great accompaniment and if you cant get this exact one then go for the more expensive Pinot grigios – I reckon they are worth their weight to momentarily take us to a sunny piazza!