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Gerald Thomas Huskisson 16/04/38 – 07/02/11

(Gerry stood with his brother Harry)

A famous writer once said “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give” If that is true, then Gerry made a great life. He was the most likeable of persons.

Gerry was born Gerald Thomas Huskisson on 16th April 1938 in the Liverpool Maternity Hospital. Oxford Street. His parents Harry and Eileen had four sons,
Gerry was the eldest, then Harry who sadly died, and Philip and Stephen.
They lived in Norris Green in Liverpool from 1938. Gerry grew up during the war and as a young child didn’t see much of his father, who was away on service. When Gerry was four he answered the door one day, and shouted to his mum that there was a strange man at the door, it was his dad

On passing his 11+ Gerry went to Evered High. At 16 Gerald began an
apprenticeship as a TV engineer with Stuart & Dorfman in Liverpool. This gave him an insight into electronics which held him in good stead for his later career. With his dear friends Robert Lambert and Mike Mullen they set out to become close friends with the entire female population of Liverpool an exercise of monumental failure! They holidayed in Spain, Scotland and the isle of man, they partied they
danced and had what they still regard as a truly wonderful teenage life together.

(Gerry third from left with his friends)

The summer of 1959 saw Gerry called up for national service in the army to
the royal signals. He was soon promoted to Lance Corporal, serving in Hong Kong and Oman. Mike served in the Royal Artillery and although on different continents they still maintained contact through letters and phone calls.

Gerry had played Badminton in his youth with his lifelong friends Mike, June, Jimmy, Barbara, Frank and Lesley. The Royal Dragoon Guards found out that he was a badminton champion in the making, and he was transferred.
This enabled him to miss guard duty, He was the ringer in the team and all the rest were officers. Gerry was not a great lover of national service but he learned new skills. On leaving the army these skills were put to use in his new career as a cameraman for Granada TV in Manchester. He worked on many shows, Coronation Street and Top of the Pops to name just a few.

Gerry worked for a while on Channel TV in Jersey and along with his friend Peter Kane Opened a television rental shop in St Helier, which they later sold to Rediffusion TV.

Gerry emigrated to Canada where he was employed to carry out seismic surveys. This involved travelling in old Dakotas and helicopters, which he loved. He spent a lot of time based in America, a country he grew to love. He travelled the world, working in far-flung places such as the Gabbon, Alaska, Egypt, and Thailand. He even bought a farm in Rhodesia.

(Gerry sat on an airplane wing on one of his many adventures)

Working in Pakistan presented Gerry with his biggest challenge to date – No Alcohol!!.
Now as you know Gerry liked a drink and he decided homebrew was the answer. The kits had to be well hidden in the luggage, however as it was illegal to bring it into the country. This homebrewed beer had an acquired taste but after a week of
drinking, it was like a fine wine.

When Gerry was not working abroad he had various other jobs, including owning a sweet shop in Longridge and the more credible delivery man for the famous ‘Lancashire Laminates’ company. He even had his own shirts with his name printed on it.

(Gerry centre with his brothers Phil and Steve)

Gerry met Kait at the Moulin Rouge hotspot in Southport in 1970. He chatted her up with the immortal lines “I’m not going to dance with you – but I will buy you a drink!”.
Kait turned her nose up at the Brandy and Babycham, but he rectified the situation by buying her a straight Gin. He offered to run her home that night – but all his car tyres had been let down – “Son of a gun”.

They became what Kait considered pen pals (he was working in Saudi Arabia at the time) and married almost 2 years later. Lou can remember when Gerry left the house to call Chorley hospital from the local phone box and returned to announce “you have a baby Sister!”

Gerry stayed working as a TV engineer until Sara was 7. He doted on her and helped Louise in her new role as big Sister. He loved them both very much and was a great role model. Gerry and Kait had a very special relationship – they both supported each other in their individual ambitions as well as their joint ones. They were best friends and wanted only the others happiness. Sometimes this involved time apart – Gerry with
his surveying career and Kait with her girlie holidays. They never selfishly held each other back – there were no regrets.

(Gerry and Kait)

As a family – the Huskies still travelled together. On Gerry’s half day off every Wednesday afternoon, come rain or shine to Freshfileds – in the Toyota Celica or the D.E.R Van. Happy family holidays were spent in Scotland, Ireland and France.
Kait and Gerry really enjoyed their holidays together. They visited most of Europe, Turkey being a particular favourite and they travelled all over U.S.A.

Gerry was proud of Louise and the life that she made for herself in london, he tried to see most of her plays, performances and street theatre. He loved musicals and was particularly fond of Brigadoon! He enjoyed spending time with Lou in london and in particularly visiting restaurants where he could sample cuisine from all over the world.

Gerry fully supported Sara’s time in Italy. He and Kait would visit her often and even took up Italian lessons at night school. Although he rarely spoke Italian in front of them While on holiday he always managed to wander off on his own and come back with wine, beer, cigarettes and even new friends.

In 1997 Gerry travelled around south and central Turkey with Kait, Lou, Cousin Cath and French friend Lore. He loved the looks on people’s faces as they tried to figure out the relationship between one man and four women! Whilst holidaying in Turkey he was even asked by a man for a dance! Gerry of course obliged!

Gerry enjoyed a very good relationship with Massimo and Andre whom he was even known to buy rounds for! He was fantastic as the proud father of the bride at Sara and Massimo’s wedding. Looking dappa in his top hat and tails.

In his role as Grandfather (or Gran Gran!) Gerry excelled, he loved Emilia, Luca and Sofia to bits and was always affectionate, playful and encouraging with them. This earned him the nick name ‘mannie’ (short for male nanny) with Sara Jane’s friends.
He even changed nappies (not often) and could be found dancing round the living room to the Telly Tubbies. The kids adored him.

(Gerry and Kait with their grandchildren)

Gerry loved pottering – usually with a list of jobs that Kait had given him. He enjoyed escaping to his greenhouse and pricking out! His tomatoes were the talk of 47 Balcarres Road and the flowers in his heli-pad often took second place over his bird bath. Gerry loved his feathered friends and Lou and Sara-Jane often joked that he spoiled the birds more than the two of them.

Gerry was at his happiest surrounded by family and friends in his dining room.
Gerry was a very sociable person, not loud but generous with his home, food and masses of alcohol as long as Frank Sinatra and Count Basie were blasting from the music system. Although he would joke that everyone was free-loading.
Gerry had a wicked sense of humour – quite literally! and enjoyed nothing more than saying a few mischievous words before leaving the room with a twinkle in his eyes!

He and Kate enjoyed hosting many new Years Eve parties which were world-famous.
And come the end of the night Gerry would tell everyone to go home and then make sure the house was locked up and his girls were safe.

(Gerry, Sara Jane, Kait and Louise)

Gerry’s social life was generally based around sport. We often joked that he would watch tidily winks live from Scunthorpe if it was on the TV.
Fox Lane cricket club was his Mecca. With his great pals Terry and Doreen, Jack and Jean, Eileen and John Pallot and Don he would sit and drink and talk usually with the lounge bar to themselves.
As a special treat Kait, Lou and Sara-Jane were sometimes allowed to visit.

Gerry loved playing badminton and had recently taken up crown green bowling, taking great pleasure from his very occasional wins.
But Gerry’s big passion was football and Liverpool FC, whose games he avidly followed on Ceefax. It was often joked that Gerry and his brothers Phil and Steve knew the line up of the team before the manager did! The night before he died Kait, Lou and Sara all spoke excitedly to Gerry on the phone. It was his 39th wedding anniversary and Liverpool had beaten Chelsea. Gerry and his girls told each other how much they loved each other.

We know for certain that he was very happy that night and that match of the day was enjoyed with a bottle of red. In his father of the bride speech Gerry had said in Italian (he was always full of surprises!) that his family were the lights of his life and he was certainly the light of theirs.

There are no regrets, Gerry’s was a life filled with love, Laughter and always a tale. Don’t remember Gerry with sadness, he wouldn’t want that, instead remember him with a smile and a raised glass!