Sainsbury’s Barbera D’Asti

For my first ‘official’ wine blog I am going to talk you through the very basics of what tasting wine is all about. This review is about the Barbera D’Atsti from the taste the difference range at Sainsbury’s (Thank you Paolo for the gift 😉)

It’s a bit of a posh wine! Costing about £7.50 but what I liked about it was how it was a bit of a dark horse.

I love Italian wines! That’s no surprise! It’s where my love for the (alcohol) grape started and this is a good example of an undervalued one. It is from Piedmont. Which literally means bottom of the mountain and comes from the left thigh of Italy (If it’s a boot). It can get bloody cold there so you need something to keep you warm! For the purpose of these blogs I am going to give you the 3 usual descriptions; appearance, colour and taste.

Appearance first. For some reasons posh wine people don’t describe the bottle? But I think it’s important! You don’t want to turn up at a posh party with a crap looking bottle – unless of course what is in it is surprisingly brilliant! I want something that looks the part! This bottle definitely says SERIOUS and like you know what you are talking about! As for the actual colour of the wine, pour a bit in a glass and swirl it around. I know, I know you will look like a tosser but that’s the point! Toss that wine around in the glass and describe the exact colour! It’s a laugh – trust me! Generally the darker it is the fuller (bodied) it is but not always ! This was a dark red like a red rose! You don’t need me to tell you that all reds are red but describe the exact colour – this was almost black. As I have said before I generally can smell nothing when it comes to red wine but others in our group got a fruity smell. This became obvious when we tasted it and the cherry taste came through! It wasnt like a fresh cherry, more like a glaced cherry on a brakewell tart! Actually that was also both the colour and the taste! And probably the smell (or ‘nose’) too! I am going to be honest and say that it didn’t taste of much … at first! It isn’t as full bodied (rich) as I usually like but once it ‘opened up’ I.e

was left for a bit the tastes came through it was very smooth (not bitter) and creamy! It is the perfect accompaniment for Italian food and we had it with our Italian Christmas dinner of (vegetarian) Lasagna and it was perfect! So I would give it a 7/10 and in conclusion say it’s a good fruity medium bodied wine that’s great for showing off at an Italian restaurant! Enjoy!! Oohh and also top tip!! If when you open a wine you think it needs to breath or it doesn’t taste great – whizz it around in a blender or nutri bullet and this will aerate it and it will taste completely different! Honestly! Try it!

Let me know what you think and if there are any wines that you would like me to review!! Happy January and salute!

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