Watford Borough Council’s Allotment Poster

WBC Allotment Poster Campaign

“It was interesting to see at last Watford Council are attempting to rectify a five year decline in allotment applications by launching a new bus stop poster stating “join our growing community of allotment holders”. Official figures provided by the council show that the allotment community isn’t growing but that applications have dropped from 340 in 2009 to 128 in 2014. We had asked the council why there had been a decline in numbers over this period whilst asking for them to produce the numbers. Because there had been a very small increase from 136 applications  to 155 between 2011 and 2013 they said because the question hadn’t been phrased correctly they hadn’t provided the information. It will come as no surprise to anyone throughout the battle to save our allotments that the Council did not admit to the Government when asking for Farm terrace to be closed down that it had failed in its advertising but instead provide website hits to its allotment page instead!

We will of course be going back to the council with a rephrased question so the numbers of applications can be quoted to the general public. Unfortunately, we have a council in Watford who will never hold their hands up and admit when they have done something wrong nor admit that they could have done better”.


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