The Government’s response to our petition and our reply.

Please share our attached the DCLG’s response to our petition and our reply.

Their response –

Our reply –

“The DCLG’s response repeats its mantra that the new guidance strengthened allotment protection.  But repeating something many times doesn’t make it right.  The guidance has not strengthened allotment protection, and the DCLG’s statement doesn’t mention the dilution of the previous long-standing requirement that replacement sites be within ¾ mile of the centre of demand.  Instead the DCLG says that replacement sites have been provided when consent has been granted.  But it is telling that they are silent about how near those sites were to the centre of demand.  There is no point creating new sites or providing replacement sites if the people for whom they are created can’t get to them.  Look at what Watford tried to do – they tried to move us all to a site over 2 miles away on the outskirts of town that many of us couldn’t get to. What the DCLG’s new guidance has done is enable any local authority to sell off allotment land in the middle of towns, which is prized by developers, and replace it with a cheap field on the outskirts, whether or not anybody can actually get there on a regular basis.  What local authority wouldn’t want to do that? We could wait and see In a few years’ time how many allotments are left in places where people actually live, and we would see whether the guidance really has strengthened allotment protection or not.  But by then it would be too late. It is time to act now!  The distance under the policy criteria should be moved by a change of law to the statutory criteria to strengthen protection. We will continue with our petition and with our campaign until we see this done!”

Please continue to share our petition and donate if you can to our fighting fund if you can.

Thank you


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