‘Peasful Demonstration’ and Court Hearing Details Friday July 25th!

Royal Courts Mr Pickles The 3 Claimants!


Hello fellow diggers!

We are just a few days away from finally having our day at court! This is our chance to show the strength of our support, to display this publicly, meet with others who support our case and The Allotment Movement itself and to all be together to see this through to the end.
The case will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 
Where is it and how do I get there?
The Royal Courts of Justice is on the Strand in Westminster.
Here is the link including travel information – 
Basically the nearest tube is Temple.
What time do we meet?
Our case will start at approx 10.30am in Court 19.
Our plan currently is to meet outside the courts about 10.00am 
What is the timetable for the day?
People if they want can then attend attend the court hearing. Others can go for a coffee or have a look around Westminster. Then we meet back outside the court at 12.00 get changed into Gardening gear, do a bit of face painting, put up banners, get the guitars and our placards out and hold our ‘Peasful Demonstration’ from 12.30 until 13.30pm. Obviously people do not have to participate if they do not wish. After that people can go back into court or wait to see if we get a result.
Who can attend?
Everybody!! Children, grandparents and people with disabilities are positively encouraged to come and take part. We want to show that this is a case which effects all people of all ages backgrounds and abilities. It will be peaceful and  fun. Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed in to the hearing itself but should be allowed to go in and have a look at the actual building which is absolutely beautiful. When we are not campaigning we will probably take our children to the South Bank for a walk, or to one of the nearby gardens for a picnic lunch. You are welcome to join us.
Mini Bus
Councillor Mo Mills has very kindly organises a large mini bus to take people to and from the court from Watford. The cost will be between £10.00 and £15.00 roughly. It leaves from the top end of occupation road at 8.00 am and will return there after the case. If you are interested in booking a seat please let me or Mo know ASAP!
What should you bring?
People do not need to dress up if they do not wish to but the brighter, more colourful and interesting the demo is the more chance we have of being in the media, and therefore raising awareness about our fight and also raising funds for our fight.  I would ideally like people to dress in Gardening gear, wellies, gloves, hats etc or you can even dress in fancy dress as vegetables or insects! Please bring small watering cans and hand held gardening equipment such as trowels and forks. I have cleared these with the police.
I have asked and we should be able to leave placards banners scarecrows etc outside the courts behind the barriers set out for us. Obviously nothing ‘valuable’ should be left but I personally will be leaving my families’ wellies, gardening gloves and gardening paraphenelia  there. We can take things on the mini bus and bring them back too.  People who can play guitars please bring those, If anyone could take photographs and videos on the day that would be great. Also if those able can tweet and face book as the day progresses that would be brilliant!. Obviously bring placards and banners, and maybe balloons? I also thought maybe we could hand out peas and beans in front of the court during the demo?
Really just bring anything vegetable, fruit or gardening related! The bigger and brighter the better! 
lets put on a show that Westminster won’t forget for a long time!!
Many thanks for all your support
Save Farm Terrace Allotments – Save All Allotments!

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