A few photos from Farm terrace Allotments.

We want to show you all how we look today August 11th 2013. We want you to get a rough idea of the site and a handful of the plots!

 ImageFarm Terrace Allotment site is situated behind Watford Football Club’s stadium surrounded by small terrace houses and flats.


ImageThe first plot most people see. Well worked. Well loved and an extremely pleasant change from seeing buildings!


ImageWatford Borough Council’s ‘welcome’ sign with handy contact details…


ImageOn the middle of three large roads we have running along the site. Unfortunately left to ruin for over a year now.


ImageBarry’s end plot which shows just how close we are to buildings.


ImagePart of our plot, which shows you the hundreds of flats behind. All with no gardens.


ImageJames and Chungyang’s belting plot!!


ImageKaren and Roger’s well loved, keenly and rigorously worked Plot!


ImageIt’s a great place for kids to grow up and  play in an urban jungle!


ImageOur giant Pumpkin courtesy of Kevin at Giant Veg! (Thank you!)


ImageLet the Apple Trees at Farm Terrace grow! Some of the trees have been here for decades and provide shelter to so many animals and birds.


ImagePete and Wendy’s perfect plot! (Happy ‘Important’ Birthday Pete!!)


ImageVincenzo’s vivacious Zucchini! (I’m very envious!)


ImageAndy and Martina’s amazing miraculous plot! (Also second home to most lids on the site!)


ImageRuth and Bob’s ravishingly beautiful plot! (What Ruth doesn’t know about Veg growing ain’t worth knowing!!)


ImageA part of the British landscape will be lost forever! Part of British tradition will be lost forever if we continue to let this happen to plots!!


ImageThe exact amount of Blackberries that made it home that day!


The loss of Farm Terrace Allotment site will be massive. Not just to us plot holders, nor just to the local community around who support us and want to be able to use this amazing community commodity for another 120 years! But also to every plot holder in the UK and beyond. We strike a blow now and we strike it for the protection of ALL allotments.

Please donate now at –  http://www.gofundme.com/3ig1fo

 Many thanks.



5 thoughts on “A few photos from Farm terrace Allotments.

  1. Enjoyed seeing these photos. Our kitchen garden is overlooked by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, but the result is just the same: beautiful home-grown nourishment of the stomach, heart and soul. Keep up the fight.

  2. Keep the fight going, you can & will make a difference!!! Plus the beautiful lesson your kids are learning ❤
    Mo -Rockaway Beach, NY

  3. Beautiful photos, Sara Jane, that show well the variety and wonderful greenness that we all enjoy there. Karen (E) x

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