Hello everyone!!

Today, July 31st, Just 24 days into our campaign the gofundme total stands at a total of £5,915 (but it changes constantly!) We are also very pleased to say that we also have another £3,627 from cheques and fund raising, including a generous fund match of £2,000 from The National Allotment Society. 

The total therefore, stands at £9,542!  

Which means in under one month we have raised nearly 1/3 of the total we need to see this trial through to its’ hopefully victorious end!! That is an amazing achievement in an extremely short time, especially in these hard economic times! We would like to thank everyone who has donated to our Fight Fund!  As things stand we do not know when exactly the trial will take place, but it is likely to be in a few months’ time. For this reason we need to continue raising funds as quickly as possible. The more funds we have the more time our fantastic legal team can give to our fight.

We strongly believe that we can and will reach our target amount by the time we go to trial.  We aim to do this by as Lia Liandeez of The Guardian rather catchingly puts it – “ a tenner at a time”

Many people who support us are unable to donate anything and this is completely understandable. In that case we simply ask that they continue to tell friends and family about our fighting fund.However should anyone or any organisation wish to they can donate larger amounts of money and stipulate on donating that they would like this refunded to them should we win and costs be awarded.

It is also with great pleasure we have released our first Legal letter a letter of claim.

This shows just how serious we are about this fight and that we have indeed started legal proceedings. We at Farm terrace head quarters (Andy’s plot J) have never been so busy. But it’s all good news. Media interest has picked up  and lots of organisations and other campaigning groups are now supporting us.

I do not need to tell you that this is a much bigger fight than a fight to Save Farm terrace Allotments alone. We will be setting a precedent to help protect other allotments from meeting a similar fate. With figures such as 132 applications to close down allotment sites since 2007, 97% of which were granted, is now more important now than ever.

It is also about protecting the;

Environment, Farm terrace is 2.63 hectares of green land in a highly urbanized area.

History, the farm terrace site dates back to 1896 and has survived two wars.

Wildlife, with at least 30% tree cover we have an amazing variety of species.

Community, getting rid of the Farm Terrace Allotments would be an unbelievable loss to the thousands of local residents, most of who live in flats or small terraces

So please keep the faith, keep spreading the word and if you haven’t already please donate here to our Fighting Fund, fighting for the future of allotments and much, much more!

Best Wishes

Save Farm Terrace 


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