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Thank you for your patience,  it has been hard keeping it quiet but yes I can finally announce that we are going for a Judicial review of the Secretary of State’s decision. In May the Secretary of state agreed that under section 8 of the 1925 allotment act the land could be built on.

We believe that the Secretary of state has acted illegally by not applying his policy properly. We believe that we have an extremely strong case and that not only can we save our beloved site but we can also strike a blow for ALL ALLOTMENTS and prevent other sites having to suffer the same bitter battle we have endured.

It is our intention to show that the Secretary of State Eric Pickles has not applied his policy properly or legally. Leading counsel who specialises in public law has advised that the Secretary of State’s decision is unlawful and following this decision we have decided to challenge his disturbing decision in the high court.

As you know, since 2007 there have been 132 separate applications to close down allotments under section 8 of the 1925 Allotments Act. Out of these 132 applications 97% were approved (128 cases) and only 4 cases refused.  As far as we know, nobody has challenged the Secretary of State’s application of his policy in this respect, so there has never been any Judicial guidance on the issue. We believe our case will not only save Farm Terrace allotments but it will also strike a blow for ALL allotments all over England and make it much harder for council’s to sell their sites to developers.

But to do so, we desperately need your help. We are funding our fight through http://www.gofundme.com/   This is a site which allows individuals or organisations to collect money to fund various things. We need to raise a lot of money very quickly in order to show counsel that we are serious and in order to bring the case before the court within the three month window.

We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t absolutely necessary but we believe that it is and that this is the right time for us as plot holders, gardeners, environmentalists and all round people who believe that a democratic process should be adhered to and that greedy money making schemes should not be allowed to run rough shod over the beliefs and principles of the common man. THIS IS OUR MOMENT.

 We believe that it is the right of every person in the UK to have their own space to grow fresh uncontaminated produce for their pleasure, and more importantly, for their needs. We believe that we at Farm Terrace are the thin end of the wedge and that this will happen to more and more sites unless we all stand up and be counted NOW

So please donate what you can. If everyone who supports us gave just £10.00 each we believe that we could raise the amount needed very quickly. But if you don’t have £10.00 we will gratefully receive any donation you can make.

If we do not raise enough money to go ahead, or if we raise more money than we need, all donations will be divided between various charities and other environmental and allotment campaigns, unless you indicate that you would prefer your donation to be returned to you when you donate. If you do ask for this, we will be in touch to return your donation should we not use it in pursuing this legal challenge.

Here is a link to our gofundme.com page so you can check it out, donate and keep up to date with the amount as donations come in – http://www.gofundme.com/3ig1fo

 We will be holding an open day this Saturday the 13th of July from11.00 am – 4.00 pm for members of the public and press to come along and talk to us about this latest development. There will also be lots of fresh produce and plants to buy and Italian seeds. You can sample home made cakes, biscuits and refreshments. There will be plenty of activities to keep children entertained and most importantly you can come and look around the site yourself and talk to plot holders. It is free entry and there is free parking. We are situated behind Watford Football ground.

We are very, very excited about this amazing opportunity we now have to stand up to these bullies and to provide a voice that has to be heard and judged by an impartial party. We know we are right! We stand for the right to have a bit of land so you can grow your own, which the Victorians thought was a basic human right! This amazing historical British institution is under attack.

This is our David and Goliath moment we just need you to help fund the ‘stone’!!

 Many thanks

Sara Jane Trebar

Sara Jane Trebar


Spokesperson for the Farm Terrace Community Association


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