Ill fares the land – Malcolm Meerabux

Ill fares the land

Thought you might like this it’s the poem that Malcolm Meerabux wrote and read out at the Council meeting, when Farm Terrace was mentioned.

Dear Wat Borough Council, we say our fences are broken and look sick
But we’re just sick of promises being broken and not kept
We’re called pockets of society but it’s always about developers’ pockets
Whilst Our allotment fees have they been tripled and discounts axed

Tell us Wat Borough council, how are we supposed to cope?
Growing our crops with no future, no voice and no hope
Born into world covered in concrete

Please Wat Borough council don’t just react to save face
Don’t play tough to make the planners feel safe
Your offer of panels and our fightback campaign
May have sent out a message but why do we still feel a pain

Don’t leave us misguided, jaded and lost
As we rage against the machines
you’re just counting the cost
Instead of examining our problems to get to their roots

Our green spaces, our town’s pride
When once destroyed can never be supplied
Ill fares the land
Where asset strippers accumulate and land decay

Disrupting and heckling are not acceptable we agree
But if it wasn’t for protest would you ever see me But a bold peasantry, their country’s pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.



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